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Non-Collective Sanitation (ANC) refers to individual domestic water treatment installations.

These devices concern homes which are not served by a public wastewater collection network and which must therefore themselves treat their wastewater before discharging it into the natural environment.

The treated wastewater is made up of black water (toilet water) and gray water (sinks, kitchen, washing machine, shower, etc.). ANC facilities must allow the joint treatment of all of this wastewater.

Non-collective sanitation therefore aims to prevent several types of risks, whether health or environmental.

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Portal on non-collective sanitation

The government has set up a site dedicated to the ANC which brings together all the information:

The types of installations

3 types of system are possible:

1. The traditional
Which consists of an all-water tank and a spreading area

​2. The compact filter
Approved device that purifies water between 90 and 95%
(set up for main or secondary residences)

​3. The wastewater treatment plantApproved device that purifies water between 90 and 95% (set up only for main residences)

Phone number

07 82 02 67 11


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