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Our mission

The mission of a design office is:

  • To know the capacity of the soil to infiltrate water (permeability test).

This soil analysis is the very basis for the sizing of any installation.

  • To check the environmental aspect (natural area, presence of groundwater, boreholes or wells and flood zones)

  • To respect the regulations in force by communicating with the SPANC (Public Service of Non-Collective Sanitation)

  • Take into account your project (present and future) and your choices

Ancre 1 Notre Mission (Anglais)
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Our Study

1. Before our intervention :
We carry out an analysis of geological, environmental and sizing data in order to best prepare your project and offer you the most appropriate technical solutions.

2. The day of our intervention :
We carry out a soil analysis as well as permeability tests in order to define the final dimensioning and the most adequate solution.

3. After our intervention :We draw up a study report including all the information collected as well as the type of installation to be carried out and its sizing accompanied by a detailed ground plan.


Is the abbreviation of :

Public Non-Collective Sanitation Service.

SPANC intervenes for :

  • Check and validate the design of technical studies by a design office.

Note: The SPANC validation report is imperative with any start of work.

  • Check that the installation works for the non-collective sanitation sector are correctly carried out and sited

Note: The SPANC must be contacted before the end of the work in order to pass once finished before backfilling.

  • Provide technical or regulatory advice

  • Periodically check the functioning of the installations, every 10 years (maximum)

  • Perform operation and maintenance diagnostics (mandatory) in the context of a real estate sale.

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